You will find below a non-exhaustive list of the areas of expertise covered by the services offered by A ACOUSTICS:


  • Community noise assessment and noise impact study
  • Noise evaluation of potential building sites. The results of this evaluation indicate the degree of noise isolation which should be provided by the building envelope on a particular site.
  • Transportation noise control.


  • Acoustical planning of sites and buildings.
  • Sound isolation in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings; specification of construction materials and methods to meet the targeted acoustical performance.
  • Room geometry and acoustical treatment for music rehearsal halls, studios (film, television, sound recording), auditoriums, dance studios, conference rooms, cinemas, concert halls and theatres
  • Preparation of design, construction drawings and specifications for spaces in which acoustics are of primary importance


  • Noise and vibration control for mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Evaluation of the working environment in industries with regards to occupational hearing loss. Recommendations of noise control measures to comply with regulations and bylaws.


  • Sound reduction from both external and internal sources
  • Noise Control in floor-ceiling assemblies in multiples story buildings
  • Vibration control in buildings and manufacturing
  • Bringing industrial and commercial sites to comply with noise regulations